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xprompt is simple, trustable and enables faster communication. Phrases are carefully grouped into themes and sections, with tailored menus for care staff and patient. xprompt provides 800 phrases in total for each language pack that can be freely combined.

The phrases are translated into the text of the target language, together with a voice output for spoken languages or a video sequence if sign language is selected. The partner can respond by changing into his/her language mode, and choosing a response phrase. Thereby the iPhone/iPod is used by both parties.


Care staff and patient have their own, separate menu of phrases

cs Care staff
p Patient
s1 Gestures
s1 Gestures
s2 Medical history
p2 My answers
s3 Examinations and procedures
p3 My questions
s4 Care routine
p4 My needs
s5 Supporting communication
p5 My complaints
s6 Instructions
p6 Manners
s7 Dictionary s7 Dictionary


xprompt is expanding: Currently over 20 languages (including 2 sign languages) are available for download from within the app, for a small surcharge. Further 30 languages are planned for release. Any two languages can be combined, resulting in equal-rights medical communication around the world.

3 Languages Included

The xprompt app comes with three languages pre-installed:

us-mid English, de-mid German and es-mid Spanish.


The following languages are available for download from within the app,
for a small fee:

africans AF Afrikaans
italian IT Italian
arabians AR Arabic
japanese JA Japanese
bulgarian BG Bulgarian
korean KO Korean
british BSL British Sign Language
dutch NL Dutch
danish DA Danish
russian RU Russian
german DE German (included)
urdu UR Urdu
german-sign DGS German Sign Language
us-english US English (USA)
czech CS Czech
norwegian NO Norwegian
en-english EN English, UK (included)
thai TH Thai
spanish ES Spanish (included)
turkish TR Turkish
french FR French
chinese ZH Chinese

Portuguese, Swedish and Vietnamese will be released soon. Further languages will follow shortly thereafter.

Please note: the video language packs (DGS and BSL) require iPhone OS version 3.1 or later


  • Innovative communication assistance
  • Used by medical care staff and patients
  • 3 languages included
  • 22 languages downloadable at affordable price,
    50 further languages are planned
  • 2 Sign Languages available!
  • Any two languages can be combined
  • 800 phrases per language
  • Apart from textual phrases, each phrase has either
    audio voice output for spoken languages, or video sequence for sign languages
  • Separate menus for care staff and patient
  • Phrases are fully searchable
  • Favorite phrases can be rearranged to
    suit user preference

In this international project, around 130 people from 50 countries have collaborated and continue to support xprompt with their competence. All translators have translated phrases into their native language, have a medical education, and the quality of their translations have been checked. Notwithstanding, minor errors cannot be ruled out.

xprompt cannot, and does not intend to replace
professional interpreters. For complex dialogs, an interpreter is required, especially in situations where the patient's health, body or life is in danger.